Civil- Emergency Meal

Emergency Meal on the Go!

Give your employees the nutrition that they need to effectively handle any crisis.  For over 30 years Civil- Emergency MealBrown Bag Sandwich Co has been helping our Government Service Men and Women, by offering them Emergency Meal To Go Packs. Complete meals that contain  nutrient rich, high protein, high carbohydrate foods that are designed to keep service personnel full and focused during a crisis. These emergency meal packs contain a wide assortment of brand name nutritional food items that can be customized to meet the your company’s needs.

Our emergency meal typically includes a nutritious sandwich or salad, a second shelf stable entree and high protein items such as nuts, protein bars, and fruit to give those in need a well-balanced nutritious meal.  Our packs can also include candy to satisfy those with a sweet tooth!  Depending on your needs we can also accommodate a wide range of request.  Below are some pictures of items we currently provide for our customers and can provide for you!  If you are interested in learning more about how this service can benefit your organization please contact one of our friendly associates and they would be more than happy to assist you.