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In 2002, a company called FB Holdings led by a group of senior food-service professionals purchased Fresh Grill Foods LLC led by Jeff Heavirland. Since 2002 Fresh Grill has been able to position itself as a high quality premium brand in the market that offers customers high quality prepared foods such as sandwiches, vegetables, pizzas and various other pre-prepared food items. Our premium products are typically found in convenient stores, super markets, hospitals, schools, restaurants as well as other governmental agencies in addition to many others. Our company was founded on customer satisfaction, flavor, visual appeal and safety.

In 2005, Fresh Grill Foods parent company FB Holdings acquired The Brown Sandwich Co. Brown Bag Co. offers products that are of high quality products at one of the most affordable prices in the market. The combination of these two companies allows us to offer a diverse array of products that helps to meet all of your customer’s demands and cost constraints. Our long term sourcing and purchasing agreements ensure that we are able to supply are customers with the best products in an efficient and timely manner. Consumers are the final judges as to the quality of our products. It is our ultimate goal to offer them a quality product with which they will be satisfied and we are proud to provide.