Competitive Edge

Competive Edge

Experience Exceptional Quality at Competitive Prices

At Fresh Grill Foods LLC. & The Brown Bag Sandwich Co. quality is our recipe.  We are committed to offering our customers the highest quality pre-made Sandwiches, Salads and other foods depending upon your needs.  We make all of our sandwiches using our own bread that we make fresh every day.  In our sandwiches we only use the best, at Fresh Grill and Brown Bag we strive for perfection every day, and we believe that our customers deserve the best.  We stand behind our products 100%, and if they are not perfect we will make it right.


Make your Brand Stand Out

With our custom food design and preparation, you can have us make almost any type of food that you want and we will put your Brand Name on it.  This allows us to make high quality products that will improve your brand image and add some exclusivity to your products and make them unique.  This will help you expand your customer base.  While at the same time improve your margins and overall profit ability.  If you would like to know more about how our company can help you build a unique brand, please contact us.


Safety is our Most Important Ingredient

Fresh Grill is dedicated to food safety with focus and concern for all of our clients. We are FDA/USDA certified. Our independent quality assurance team tests ingredients and oversees the food manufacturing process. Additionally, they approve our final products as each production run is completed. Fresh Grill Foods LLC is monitored by 3rd party sources ensuring our food you serve is always safe and wholesome.  To learn more, visit our Safety Page.


Outstanding Customer Support

At Fresh Grill and Brown Bag our Customers are our Number One Priority!  Our friendly experienced staff, is available to serve you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Worry Free Guaranteed Sale Program

Our company understands the challenges and risks associated with trying new products. That’s why as a service to our customers we offer a guaranteed sale program. * Under this program we do not make money unless you make money. We order, rotate product, put new product on the shelf and remove the old product.  Please contact a sales associate for more details.



Technology is a corner stone of our business.  Our advanced technological systems allow us to deliver high quality products to our customers in a timely manner.  To manage our inventory we make use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this program also gives our customers the added convenience of being able to order product online anytime. ** With MobileNav we are able to deliver invoices to our customers electronically. *** This allows us to keep our commitment to protecting the environment and enhance our efficiency and service to the customer.  Our Voxware software allows our workers to pick and pull products for distribution using voice recognition headsets, allowing almost no room for inaccuracy in quantity and type of product delivered to each location. ****

*Certain limitations and restrictions may apply please contact a sales associate for more information about the program.
**Microsoft Dynamics NAV is propriety software owned by Microsoft, all rights reserved.
***MobileNAV is privately developed software; we take no credit for the ownership of MobileNAV.
****Voxware Solutions is a separate entity from Fresh Grill and Brown Bag we take no credit in development of this software.