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Fresh Grab and Go Foods Wholesale

Fresh Grill

You’ll be proud to serve premium Fresh Grill Sandwiches in your establishment. Our products provide optimal nutritional value and always taste great. We put so much care and attention into each and every product, your customers will see that you provide only the highest quality food items, with them in mind. Choose from the following assortment of our superior Fresh Grill Sandwiches, Crisp Salads, Yogurt Parfaits as well as many other premium products to treat your guests to the great dining experience they deserve.

Brown Bag

The Brown Bag Sandwich Co. is committed to offering its customers high quality sandwiches at an affordable price.  All of our Sandwiches in this line our made with the goal of providing the best taste using the freshest ingredients to keep you and full and focused throughout the day.  When it comes to price and taste the Brown Bag product line is hard to beat!