We believe strongly in protecting the environment by reducing the potential harmful effects caused by our every day operations. Protecting the environment is one of our top priorities because we strive to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy the clean environment that we do. Over the past several years our company has taken the following initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment:

-At our facility we utilize various water saving techniques to help us conserve electricity and protect our natural resources.

-We conserve power by running three shifts per day in order to assist with utilizing utilities other than only using them during peak hours.

-Our company has an agreement with Edison Electricity to automatically shut down our power when electricity levels are running low.

-We strive to reduce the amount of waste produced by our operations.

-Our products are packaged using biodegradable materials.

-Through our use of the latest technology we have been able to go paperless with our everyday operations such as invoicing and ordering.

-To reduce air pollution we have upgraded our trucks.